Surgery may be an intimidating word to you, but it is necessary at times so it can help ease any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing, especially when it comes to your jaw. Dr. Hueler, Dr. Lyu, and Dr. Voegele want to relieve you and return the full function of your jaw with orthognathic jaw surgery, provided at our clinics in Savage, Shakopee, or Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

This surgery can restore the full functionality of your jaw, improve your oral health, as well as the appearance of your face by rebuilding the bone structure. This fix may also include the correction of abnormalities in your teeth, bones, and of course, jaw. Our office uses the latest medical technology to ensure you’re getting the care you need.

An orthognathic jaw surgery can also fix a misaligned smile. You are put under through general anesthesia to make it a safe and stress-free environment. After surgery, be sure to have someone drive you home, and you will need to drink a liquid diet for an allotted amount of time. Our professionals will give you the information you need to care for your jaw, and your doctor may prescribe medication.

Here at Midwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we strive to help you regain your speaking, eating, and other uses through orthognathic jaw surgery, so you can return to your daily activities without the pain and nuisance of a hurting jaw. Give us a call at 952-226-7940 today, and our professionals will be happy to set up a consultation or schedule an appointment with you today!

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