Facial trauma can affect your abilities to see, breathe, eat, and speak, so it’s crucial that you take proper care to: 1) avoid it when possible and 2) treat it appropriately, relevant to the severity of the trauma.

Avoiding Facial Trauma

You’ve probably heard the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” An important way to prevent facial trauma is to wear safety equipment. This includes safety masks, helmets, mouth guards, and car seatbelts. Additionally, when playing sports, it’s always best to try avoiding any impact with the head or face since safety devices are not a guarantee against injury. Play it safe by wearing your protective gear and evading contact to the head or face (where possible) and you’ll likely be free from any facial trauma.

Treating Facial Trauma Appropriately

A facial trauma injury can be quite complex. Injuries to the cheek, nose, eye socket(s), upper and lower jaws, and teeth can result from facial trauma, and they should be treated carefully. If you witness a facial trauma accident, take note of the victim’s symptoms; if they seem disoriented, dizzy, or nauseous, dial 911 right away. If they are not showing those symptoms and the injury is severe, go to your nearest emergency room immediately. For other injuries, such as a knocked-out tooth, seek aid from your local oral surgeon immediately.

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