When teeth remain trapped in the jaw bone, they can create problems, such as cysts, damage to other teeth, and even tumors. Our skilled oral surgeons at Midwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery are trained to identify and treat a trapped tooth, such as an impacted canine, and they can do so with your comfort in mind. Come visit Dr. Hueler, Dr, Lyu, and Dr.Voegele for a consultation about what treatment you need if you have impacted canines in Savage, Shakopee, and Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

An impacted tooth is a tooth that gets stuck on its way out and does not erupt properly. Some of the most common teeth to become impacted are the upper canines. Canines are critical to having a proper bite and maintaining proper placement of the other teeth in your dental arch. They have the longest roots of any other tooth, and they are your biting teeth. Canines are also the first teeth to touch when you close your jaws, thus guiding the rest of your teeth into their proper bite positions. Having an impacted canine can disrupt these roles and cause several problems.

If you have a canine that is not erupting properly, our oral surgeon can check its position by taking an X-ray and examining your mouth. This evaluation can help determine whether your canine has enough room to erupt. X-rays can also show the position of the tooth and help our oral surgeon predict any damage it could cause to other teeth if left untreated. In most cases, our team can create a treatment plan to prevent damage to your smile. Most treatment plans involve exposing the impacted tooth and placing a bond or bracket around the crown. An orthodontist can then use this bond or bracket to help pull the impacted tooth into its proper position.

For more information about how we can help you with an impacted canine, please call or visit our office today.