If you are a young adult, you may be preparing to have your wisdom teeth removed. Doing so helps protect your oral health from the many problems that wisdom teeth can cause, which include cavities, broken teeth, gum disease, cysts, and even tumors. To help you prepare for this surgical procedure, we outline what happens below:

  • We start by putting you to sleep using general anesthesia. Afterwards, we will numb your mouth by injecting local anesthetics near the surgery site.
  • If your wisdom teeth are impacted (trapped under the gum line) or partially erupted, then we will expose them by making incisions to the gum tissue and removing some bone structure.
  • We will split your wisdom teeth into smaller parts to make them easier to remove from your jaw bone.
  • Our team will clean the surgical site in order to reduce your risk for infection from oral bacteria.
  • We will then suture your gum tissues together.

After the completion of your wisdom teeth removal, our team will give you care instructions so you can heal well. We will also prescribe pain medication and antibiotics. Please call Midwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery today to learn more about the process of wisdom teeth extractions.

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